When baseball is a contact sport and you’re too shy to say why

Pardon me while we go all junior high school here for a second.

There’s really no way to avoid a public spectacle when you’re a baseball player and you take one in the babymakers.

The Pioneer Press reports Dan O’Reilly of Henry Sibley High School has become a bit of an internet star because of this during his team’s 20-1 win over South St. Paul on Monday.

“I had two strikes on me and I didn’t want to strike out looking,” O’Reilly told the PiPress. “I got a pitch high and inside and just wanted to fight it off. Unfortunately, I fought it into the wrong spot.”

“I got home, grabbed a bag of frozen peas and was good to go the next morning,” he said.

Not so for Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes who hasn’t been able to play since this

In one of its more bizarre segments in recent memory, NPR this week tackled the question of how one would describe such an injury.