When your plane catches fire

What to do if your plane’s wing catches fire.

Step One: Put the camera down.

It happened today when a Singapore Airlines plane burst into flames after an emergency landing at the city-state’s Changi Airport.

Bee Yee posted the video on her Facebook page. Oddly, her post did not at all mirror the matter-of-fact reaction of the people on the plane.

I just escaped death!!!!

Our Singapore Airline plane was leaking oil 3 hours flying off and the plane had to turned back. After reaching Changi Airport, as the plane was landing, the engine burst into flames!!!! Huge fire was burning! See video!
It was a heart wrenching 5 mins! Waiting for the fire engine and fire fighters to put out the fire! They shot foam and water into the fire and eventually it was put out! We were so close to death!! I am still in the plane with all passengers. But I think we are safe for now….they will be evacuating us soon.

I thank God I am alive! I going home to hug my kids…. Europe Sale has to wait for a while. Sorry everyone!

Bee Yee (shocked..)