Workers told they should just be thankful they have a job

Nothing can motivate an employee like reminding one that they’re entirely replaceable.

You’ve probably read that in one of those management books that reveal the secrets of business success.

No? Some manager at PermaCorp Group of Companies in Edmonton must have, judging by the bulletin board, a picture of which is racing across the social media, the CBC reports.

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The note says:

Why you should be thankful for your job here at PermaCorp:

1. Our owners have wisely diversified the products and services that we offer in order to create multiple streams of income. This makes us relatively stable because we aren’t relying on only one business sector to bring in money. i.e. only oil or only residential

2. There are tens of thousands of people unemployed in Alberta right now.

3. Since Christmas I regularly come to work and find hundreds of resumes in my inbox. Sometimes more than one thousand. If I need to find another employee it is so easy. Be thankful that you are one of the lucky ones that already work here!

The company posted a response yesterday on its Facebook page.

In recent weeks, a image of a message written on a whiteboard at PermaCorp has been shared. We would like to officially address this message:

PermaCorp Group of Companies was founded in 2000, since that time our greatest asset has been our employees. We are investing heavily in our employees through diversification of projects to encourage personal growth and long term job stability for all of our employees. We truly believe our employees are our greatest asset, especially with the current economic status of Alberta.

The image in the social media post titled “Why you should be thankful for your job here at PermaCorp” was issued without management consent and was promptly removed. Issues related to that message have been handled internally. The message sent does not align with our core values of personal growth and diversity. Due to the economic conditions in Alberta, PermaCorp, like most companies in Alberta has been significantly impacted. We are continuing to strategically enter new markets to ensure long term job security. We hold our team to the highest regard and consider each of them invaluable to the daily and long term operations at PermaCorp.

PermaCorp as a whole is working together to pull through the economic downturn. With the most important objective being the protection and creation of jobs. A strong focus on diversification is allowing us to ensure job security and continue to build on the excellence of the PermaCorp team.

Communications Director & Management

It hasn’t done much to alleviate the backlash against the “you should just be thankful you have a job” culture.

A management consultant told the CBC today that the culture and message is a form of workplace bullying.

“Employees are in a tough situation, because if they react it to it, they get bullied more, or if they don’t react, then they have to abide by it,” Margot Ross-Graham said.

In the end, she says, the attitude hurts the company because good people will leave.

“They may not be able to leave the organization right now because of the environment that we’re in, but once the economy changes, those individuals with really fantastic skills … won’t stick around with that organization,” she said.

“We might not see the backlash today, but we will.”