‘Crying Robin Hood’ is a Minnesota hero

Sean Kehren, 22, didn’t do anything to earn the ridicule of the internet other than be engaged in civic life by, in this case, becoming a delegate from the Minnesota 8th Congressional District to the Democratic National Convention.

He was shown during television coverage last night crying as Bernie Sanders implored his followers to support Hillary Clinton.

His choice in hats earned him the identity as “Crying Peter Pan” or “Crying Robin Hood.”

Social media presumed he was a “Bernie Buster,” the renegades in the party refusing to support the party nominee. He was even held up as an example of white privilege.

He’s not.

“I was getting emotional over the fact that he was doing his best to unify the party and I think that’s such a noble cause,” Kehren tells Yahoo News. “Bernie has led a revolution, he’s led a movement, and now that movement has to get behind the party.”

“I’m willing to admit that it’s funny to other people who don’t feel as passionate about it as I do,” he said. “And I don’t expect anyone to know who I am through just a picture of me crying.”

Kehren, a Gustavus Adolphus College grad, apparently can stand the heat when the internet has a little fun at his expense.

He’s the guy who ran over to a burning automobile on Interstate 35 in Pine City, Minn., in May and pulled a woman out.

“Anybody who values human life would have done the same thing,” he told the Star Tribune at the time.

(h/t: Wilhelm Davis)