Enroute to final resting place, a stop for tea

Fans of a certain doughnut chain, that may or may not ever make its way to the Twin Cities, can certainly relate to Rosemary Dibbley, of Tecumseh, Ont., who had a thing for the tea at another chain, Tim Horton’s.

Her order was always the same. Every day.

“One bag in, one bag on the side,” with nothing to eat. Sometimes she’d see either her daughter Breanne or Gillian working behind the counter.

“Every time we went somewhere, Rosemary would always ask, ‘Did you bring back a tea?’ Or she’d say, ‘I wouldn’t mind a tea when you get back,'” her husband Pat tells the CBC. “We thought, how appropriate, [Rosemary’s] last tea before she’s gone.”

Rosemary died last week. She was just 56.

When the funeral procession escorted her from Good Shepherd Parish to the cemetery, it made a stop along the way.

Guess where?

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