Thanks to the flood, you can’t get there from here

The worst job in the Upper Midwest right now?

It’s the person responsible for figuring out how to fix this:

Photo: Bayfield County

It’s Highway 63 just north of Grand View in Bayfield County, Wis., the main drag to Lake Superior, Ashland, and Bayfield from the south. It’s at least 30 feet deep.

You can try snaking around some of the side roads to get where you’re going.

Just don’t take Highway E, it’s been done in by 18 Mile Creek, too.

Photo: Bayfield County

The pictures look remarkably like the ones from Duluth’s flood in June 2012, which is fitting because as the storms were approaching the region, weather experts warned the results could be as catastrophic as 2012.

June 2012 flooding in Duluth. Photo: Derek Montgomery/MPR News

Fortunately, the people who have the worst job in the Upper Midwest right now are pretty good at it.