Video: Ship tried to get to port as Duluth storm hit

When the severe storm with 100 mph winds hit Duluth this week, the Algoma Guardian was just starting her trip through the canal when Dennis O’Hara was filming.

“I gave her lots of engine and steered her in the opposite way of the wind and got her in fast enough before she set in too much in the wind,” Capt. Monford Organ told the Duluth News Tribune.

It was a worse ride for Mark Nyman, who was running the Duluth Lift Bridge.

“I kind of wondered if the bridge would actually hold and it did. I’m sure it’s designed for severe conditions and the bridge did fine,” he told the paper. “But the bridge deck itself was shaking quite a bit, back and forth in an east-to-west motion due to the wind. It was a little spooky and she was shaking really good, more so than I’ve ever felt it shake.”