No chemtrail classes in Minneapolis adult education offerings

Minneapolis Community Education wasn’t lying on the front cover of its fall adult enrichment classes brochure; it definitely offered something “different.”


There are the usual classes in how to care for hardwood floors, learning Microsoft Excel, and cooking with cast iron pans.

But these are the ones that caught some attention, particularly since they were highlighted in the brochure.


In the world of tinfoil hats, no subject is more “out there” than the theory that the contrails from jets are actually chemicals from sinister forces intended to re-engineer our climate. Or maybe more.

We’ll never know, apparently, MCE has canceled the classes. That leaves an unanswered question: Who got to them?

Likely not included in the planned class was this: In a study last week, 77 scientists looked into the conspiracy theory. Seventy-six of them said there’s no evidence of it, Smithsonian reported.

The identity of the holdout isn’t known. But he/she won’t be teaching a class at Jefferson.

How did the classes get scheduled in the first place?

The adult education office reported that they don’t know. The hiring coordinator who was in charge of finding staff to teach the class resigned over the summer.

In a letter to those who objected to the class, MCE said it was unable to insure a balanced presentation around the topic, so it decided to cancel the classes.

[Update 4 p.m. ]– Statement from Minneapolis Public Schools:

“MCE cancelled our “chemtrails” classes because they shouldn’t have been scheduled in the first place. We didn’t follow our standard review process for class offerings and they ended up being scheduled. The classes didn’t meet our criteria; we’ve since corrected our error and strengthened our process. There are more than 800 other activities and classes happening this fall, and we invite people see what we have to offer.”