For Kenyon kids, a pat on the back is elementary

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

KARE 11’s Boyd Huppert, of course, has found another angel walking among us and, as it turns out, he owns a bus company.

He’s Jon Held, who has the bus contract for the Kenyon-Wanamingo School District.

When the kids get off the bus in the morning, he’s there to give them hugs. He’s there when they get out of school, too.

“I really enjoy giving,” Jon says. “People take enough in their life, but it’s so much more fun to give.”

There’s no reason why NewsCut readers shouldn’t get some of the love, too. So, here:

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“He finds out who might not have a merry Christmas and purchases gifts for those kids,” says the school’s principal. “I have never been in a place where I have seen such hands on involvement from a bus owner.”

“I want to take care of them and I want the families to know that their kids are always going to be safe, because I’m going to always be watching them,” Jon says.