Here’s the deal with ‘tree guy’

We have a little more information to share with you today on yesterday’s top story where police in Maine arrested a tree while he/it tried to cross a street.

Now that he’s been bailed out, the BBC has asked the obvious question of a person dressing up in tree limbs: What’s the deal with dressing up as a tree?

“I just had this very clear vision as I was meditating one day,” Asher Woodworth, 30, of forests unknown, told the BBC’s Newsbeat. He’s a performance artist.

“I feel a close kinship with trees,” he said.

He says he wanted to surprise people with his costume and “make them rethink their expectations”.

After he was arrested, Asher Woodworth says he spent about six hours in jail before being released on Monday night.

Three times as long as it took for he and a friend to attach all the tree limbs.

According to his biography on his website, Woodworth is “interested in facilitating diverse experiences of being-in-the-world. He is impulsive, and believes in physical labor and the unity of opposites.”

(h/t: Paul Tosto)