Bicyclist has compassion for woman who struck him

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the world were a little more like Jacob Carrigan.

He’s the bicyclist who was struck by a woman who was fleeing in her vehicle after allegedly trying to hang a young child in Minneapolis.

“I’m trying to make the most of this,” Carrigan tells KARE 11. “I’m so grateful that nobody died.”

The woman, who is not identified, had already struck and dragged one pedestrian and was bearing down on Carrigan, who, KARE 11 says, rides his bike everywhere.

Carrigan is one of the few who has considered the possibility that the woman was suffering a mental health crisis, particularly after hearing she tried to jump to her death after hitting him.

“Kind of immediately wanted to feel compassion for like what could lead them to the circumstances,” Carrigan said.

Which is a great question. What leads a woman to such acts, and how could she have gotten access to the care to prevent it?

“I definitely don’t want her to be just locked up and neglected,” Carrigan told the TV station.

The authorities are expected to charge the woman this week.