Hey, bear! Downtown bruin creates stir in Duluth

Updated Nov. 3, 11:42 a.m. | Posted Nov. 2, 3:45 p.m.

He’s clearly the silent type who really doesn’t like the spotlight.

A black bear with no apparent political agenda became a local celebrity Wednesday morning outside the St. Louis County Courthouse in Duluth. But it’s turned into a bit of a stand-off.

Duluth police know about the bear. They say it’s made several attempts to come down, but gawkers below caused it to scramble back up.

The cops are are asking the public to stay away from the bear “for your safety as well as allowing the bear to come down and leave the area. The bear will eventually move along if is allowed to.”

Attempts to contact the bear were met with blank stares.

Update: bear = gone

The bear has disappeared from the tree. It made no statement of demands.