Motorcyclists buoy family targeted by racial slurs

Here’s your daily dose of bittersweetness.

In Derry, New Hampshire, Eze Obiora, 7, and his mother, Jaci Stimson, have been the targets of racist vandalism at their home for the last few weeks.

“We were feeling very isolated,” Stimson tells WMUR TV. “We were scared. We were questioning whether a lot of other people feel this way and we were just oblivious to it.”

Yesterday, a motorcycle club showed up.

The club organized a ride Thursday and picked Eze up at school, gave him his own club jacket and took him out for some frozen yogurt.

“Racism is something that’s taught, and we don’t want him to learn that,” said Mike Donovan of the Manchester Motorcycle Club. “We want him to learn that everybody is good, and there’s other people out there that support him and are willing to be there for him.”

Eze said he enjoyed his day with the motorcycle club.

“I think it’s fun to get a lot of new friends,” he said.