Aboard a saltie in Duluth, hurrying up to go nowhere

The saltie Cornelia finally pulled into the harbor in Duluth yesterday, a scene we never tire of watching and a scene we’ve never watched without wondering if there’s a worse job in the world than working on a saltie?

We don’t know the answer to the question because we’ve never worked on a saltie nor met anyone who did — although my MPR pal, Chris Farrell was a merchant marine and has great stories of sailing the world.

But we’re just not the type that can sit on a ship going nowhere for two weeks.

In the past 13 months, the crew of the Cornelia has spent two months going nowhere, as the Duluth News Tribune reports. It sat last year for six weeks during an investigation of environmental infractions.

And it’s sat for the last two weeks just outside the harbor. Its bosses were waiting on a deal to pick up grain, a deal that apparently was reached just before she and her crew steamed into port.