School kids take a stand against dog poop


In addition to an inability to merge and unwillingness to take the last piece of anything, picking up after their dogs is a stain on the image of Minnesotans.

The kids at Emerson Elementary in Minneapolis have had it with you, Minnesotans.

They’re tired of stepping in poo when they get off the bus, Fox 9 News reports.

“If you have ever tried to scrape [dog poop] off your feet you know how extremely irritating it is,” says art teacher Mina Leierwood “Not only that, it sets off the entire bus. So it’s not just one person, it’s like 20 kids screaming and crying and freaking out. It’s kind of magnified when you are dealing with elementary school kids.”

She took it upon herself to rake the boulevard outside the school every day but then realized a second-grade, anti-poop art project is the way to go.

When the kids get older, they can learn a little science from the canine ne’er-do-wells too.