Baseball fan tries to tweet his way to the pitcher’s mound

Jack Lipscomb, 19, has spunk. We like spunk.

Lipscomb, a fan of the Cleveland Indians, wants to throw out a “first pitch” at a home game, a reasonable request considering the usual boring array of people who are entrusted with the task in baseball these days.

Lipscomb had a plan.

But his favorite team had a clever way of saying “no”.


Lipscomb did the math.

But he pressed on anyway, because he’s got spunk.

“Growing up, I’ve gone to the games and I’ve always wanted to throw out the first pitch,” Lipscomb told a Cleveland radio station.

The Indians felt the heat from fans who said the goal was too high.

And then they shut it down.

The team is promising to recognize his effort, possibly letting him attend a game where he’ll see an old codger who’s never heard of Twitter throw out the first pitch.