Truck-through-ice season is underway in Minnesota

A little early, perhaps, we have reached that time of the year that keeps tow truck operators in tall clover.

People drive their trucks — usually trucks — onto ice that is nowhere near thick enough in warm weather to support them, and it’s instant cash for the local person in the business of pulling them out.

[Updated: Here’s some video.]

Today’s incident on Pelican Lake in Brainerd comes just a couple of days after a truck went through the ice on Horseshoe Lake in rural Munson Township.

That happened a day after a four-wheeler went through the ice on Lake Ida in Alexandria.

“I always tell them the same thing. I say there’s no such thing as safe ice,” Jeff Bosek tells WCCO. He runs Bosek Underwater Services, which specializes in removing vehicles from lakes.

“So it doesn’t take long to melt ice. If you get any wind, it’ll just make a hole in the ice and then you can drive right into that hole,” Bosek said.

Business is apparently good.

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