Canada has a lot to teach us

Some people can look away from the killings and attacks on innocent people in Syria. And then there are the Canadians.

In the past 14 months, Canadians have welcomed 40,000 Syrian refugees.

Some have settled in Yellowknife, one of the coldest cities on the planet.

“I love Yellowknife,” Mustafa Alhajy tells The Guardian in an article today about adjusting to the Canadian cold. “Everyone knows we are Syrian refugees. They stop and shake hands with us and ask us how we are doing,” said Mustafa. “Here it’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions and feelings.”

And then there’s Jim Estill, of Guelph, Ontario, who has spent $1.5 million of his money to help dozens of refugees.


“You don’t want to grow old and say you stood by and did nothing,” he told CBS’s Sunday Morning audience yesterday.

Canada has a hard time turning away.