Stranded in snowstorm, a trumpeter keeps spirits up

This just in from the Department of Let’s Be More Canadian:

Alberta got hammered by an early-season snowstorm. Calgary is paralyzed. For over 10 hours, people were huddled in vehicles stuck on Highway 1, impassable because of the snow and jacknifed trucks.

Professional trumpeter Jens Lindemann did what he could to pass the time .

That was pretty cute, Lindemann said, during the daylight hours. But then night came and there still wasn’t any help.

“But there are now thousands of people out here who’ve been stuck, not moving an inch, for eight and a half hours and there has not been one RCMP or emergency vehicle that’s driven by or even walked by to check on folks,” he told Global News. “It’s now getting a little bit problematic. We’re looking after each other out here; I guess that’s the way it’s going to be tonight.”

This morning, he and his fellow travelers made it to safety.

“We looked after each other,” he said.

Because: Canada.