Happy birthday, Bones

A little humanity isn’t going to hurt us.

And a little humanity is what the Minnesota Senate showed this week when it dropped what it was doing to pass a resolution honoring Bones, the Pioneer Press’ Fred Melo writes today.

Bones — Mike Hartzell, by name — is a fixture on Rice Street in St. Paul. He’s a homeless guy on the street who’s got a Facebook fan page.

He picks up the litter, sweeps sidewalks and looks out for people and pets and the neighborhood looks out for him, too.

16864581_1318897041480565_5540878147223839256_n He turned 70 on Wednesday. It was a big deal in the neighborhood, especially at Lonetti’s, which has always looked out for him, and where his friends celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, when the resolution was read.

Officially, it’s Senate Resolution No. 52:

The resolution recognizes “Bones as an upstanding citizen of St. Paul and icon on Rice Street.” It notes that Bones attended Washington High School and, after graduation, served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

It goes on to say:

“After discharge, Bones became highly independent, caring for the North End neighborhood to the best of his ability … He is a steward of the community, cleaning up streets and sidewalks along Rice Street and caring for the health of abandoned pets.”

“He believes the world without walls is his home and has worked hard to keep the community safe … Bones became an iconic figure on Rice Street, and all stores in the area welcome him with respect.”