Here’s where the jobs are in Minnesota

If you want to be employed in Minnesota, health care isn’t a bad choice for a career, a study from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development released today says.

In total, there are more than 96,000 jobs available in the state right now, according to DEED, almost a quarter of them are in health care or social assistance.

Most of the vacant jobs — 59.3 percent — are in the Twin Cities, DEED’s press release says:

1. Forty-three percent of job vacancies were for part-time employment. Part-time is defined as fewer than 35 hours per week.

2. Nine percent of job vacancies were for temporary or seasonal work.

3. Thirty-three percent of vacancies required some level of post-secondary education or training beyond a high school diploma.

4. Forty-one percent of job vacancies required one or more years of work experience.

5. The median (50th percentile) wage offer for all job vacancies was $13.97 per hour.Wage offers are highly correlated with experience and education requirements. On average, the more education and/or experience required, the higher the wage offer.

6. Fifty-three percent of vacancies offered health insurance. Health care benefits are far less common for part-time job vacancies than for full-time job vacancies.

While the media wage is only $14 an hour, the salary/wage range tops out at more than $36 an hour for “management occupations,” which accounts for about 3,000 of the openings, and only 3 percent of them are part time.

Food preparation accounts for the lowest wage at $10.94 per hour and accounts for 13,000 of vacancies.