The can man of Chisholm

It’s pretty easy to disregard the oldtimers who scavage alleys and other locations looking for treasure.

George Jadron collects cans in Chisholm, the Hibbing Daily News writes today.

He’s apparently a pretty common sight, often overburdened with bags of aluminum cans.

George’s daily routine was halted this winter due to medical issues. That in itself was no small feat for this octogenarian who has defied Mother Nature and battled the frigid chills of winter, the oppressive heat of summer, wind, rain and snow as he completed his ritual journey every day on foot.

The routine from his home begins as he walks four blocks to the top of Chisholm’s main street, down to the lake and back up the other side. Often times he’d venture back home when carrying the spoils of his salvaging became too heavy or cumbersome, and then he would return to complete the entire route.

Major city-wide celebrations and street dances generated larger collections in the salvage world. His quest to reap the benefits would start at daybreak in an attempt to reach the dumpsters before the city crews could empty them.

George has been missing this winter. Health issues, the Daily Tribune says.

And that’s a shame for the beneficiaries of his work.

He gives away the money he gets for the cans.

When asked what he does with the proceeds, that’s when you learn the true essence of the man. He mainly divides it up between St Jude’s Hospital for Children and an orphanage in Honduras.

Responding to a request from a local preacher, George has been sponsoring orphans for many years. As George states it, “It costs $120 per orphan. The more lucrative my findings in the alleys, the more orphans I can sponsor.”