Return of the ‘piano drop’ is a smashing success at MIT

Judging by the return of an old tradition, the kids are all right.

Up until last year, students at MIT, recognizing the gravity of tradition, tossed a piano off a dorm roof each spring for more than 40 years. Why? Because they could.

The Baker House Piano Drop is a celebration and recognition of “dorm spirit, harmless destructiveness, and the willingness to do something difficult just for the sake of doing it.”

Alas, last year the tradition ended due to — the kids claimed — “logistical reasons.” You know how kids are.

But today the torch was passed to a new generation.

News helicopters hovered above…

Photo : WCVB

… as a non-working piano went down and it went down hard. Billy Joel music played in the background. (Video here and here)

Photo: Susan Trann on Facebook.

“We thought it was something that would be really cool to bring back. … There’s something very lighthearted and spur-of-the-moment about throwing a piano off the roof,” sophomore Morgan Matranga, who organized the drop, tells the Boston Globe.

After the piano is dropped, students rush to salvage a piece of it to remind them in future years of what life was like before they ran the world.