Yoga at 102

Here’s a little Friday motivation and advice if you’re having a hard time getting off the couch these days: Be more like Charlotte Bleistein of Greendale, Wis.

She has every reason in the world — the biggest being that she’s 102 — to skip her yoga class. She doesn’t, as today’s profile from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Jim Stingl shows.

“Very few 102s are as active as I am,” she says of the age group in which there are very few.

She was lawyer right into her 90s, Stingl reports. Drove a car up to then, too.

She built her own house, which earned a headline in the newspaper: “Lady builds a new home.”

Easy stuff, compared to yoga.

“I don’t do a very good job because I can’t get down on the floor,” she said. “Everybody else can get down on the floor.”