Calf has extra legs in its neck

Today in freakish farm news:

Step right up to Beulah, N.D., to see the calf with the extra set of legs sticking out of its neck.

The Bismarck Tribune says a calf was born on Gerald Skalsky’s farm with the defect. Now the question is whether it was genetic or caused by something else.

“I’ve been ranching my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Skalsky, 59, tells the paper.

“I’ve been in practice 42 years, and I’ve seen three or four (calves) with an extra limb,” said Gerald Kitto, a veterinarian at Sheridan Animal Hospital and member of the North Dakota Board of Animal Health.

He thinks the calf was supposed to be twins.

Skalsky says he’s going to keep the calf and have the legs surgically removed. He won’t use it for breeding, however.