Army vet dying of cancer wanted to see his three daughters married

Here’s today’s dose of bittersweetness:

Chris Weeks, of Wylie, Texas, wanted to live long enough to see his three daughters married, but colon cancer had other ideas for the 12-year Army veteran.

With timie running out, his wife, Spring, put together three weddings without grooms but with daughters.

“He has no idea what that meant to our girls,” his wife, Spring, said of a day of weddings in May. “You can’t replace a girl’s daddy on her wedding day.”

Friends and more than a few strangers donated everything: the venue, the DJ, the photographer. Everything, WFAA reports.

“It was tough thinking of them watching that video on a screen some day,” he said. “But I don’t want to mess this up for them so I did my best today.”

Chris danced with his girls one by one on the dance floor. His wife changed his tie for every dance so each would be special. Each of them danced to a John Mayer song, a singer the girls fell in love with because of their dad.

“He got us hooked,” Bailee said.

Chris talked to each girl as they danced, using every second of the three minutes to share his lessons on life and his wishes for his little girls.

“He just told me he loved me so much,” Paige said. “And he told me to not listen to others and to be myself. He’s always lived that way and it’s powerful.”

Chris also wants the world to listen to his story. He hopes sharing it may raise awareness about colon cancer. He wants other men who may be proud to not resist going to the doctor to get checked out if anything seems off.

Chris also danced with his wife. When they were married 24 years ago, it was at a church that didn’t allow dancing.
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His wife reports that Chris Weeks died on Sunday night.