It doesn’t pay to be a Good Samaritan

From time to time in this space we take special note of the people who stop to help others. But sometimes, it’s better just to keep on walking or driving.

We’re looking at you, Minneapolis, where a man stopped at a McDonald’s when a person asked him for a ride to the bus stop and $5 for the fare.

Big mistake, according to the account in the Star Tribune.

When the Samaritan pulled out his wallet the man produced a gun, stuck it into the Samaritan’s side and attempted to take all of his money, said Sgt. Catherine Michal of the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Samaritan got out of his car, walked to the passenger’s side and attempted to pull the gunman out of the car. That’s when the crook slid over to the driver’s side and took off, a police report said.

The Samaritan attempted to stop the crook and jumped onto the hood of the car. The crook swerved the vehicle back and forth as he drove out of the parking lot until the Samaritan fell off, Michal said.

That’s a guy who’s going to keep going the next time someone needs help.