To the people who make NPR

There’s been a really great hashtag campaign on Twitter this week (#WeMakeNPR) as the people who work at NPR tweet about what they do and how it is they came to do it.

For many people, radio is a voice, but the reality is the heart and soul of a radio network and radio station are the staggering number of people behind the scenes.

We’re not sure what’s behind the hashtag campaign — in the past it’s had to do with stalled union contract negotiations — but we’re the beneficiaries of the emotional connection journalists have to the job.

Barton Girdwood is an NPR producer — I’ve written about those people before — whose tweet thread today is a good example.

There are other tweets just as poignant in the campaign.

Tamara Keith revealing she read bedtime stories while working.

Sarah Handel, a Weekend Edition producer, noting that something’s got to give when you make the radio stuff.

And Sam Sanders showing us how the sausage sometimes gets made.

Someday, robots will do all of the work. But for now, radio remains the voice of humanity.