The new Morning Edition theme, now fortified with words

Somehow, the nation has made it through a workweek without the old NPR Morning Edition theme. Americans are nothing if not resilient in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Still, something was missing from the new Morning Edition theme music: words.

Conan O’Brien took care of that.

(Caution: Obscenity dead ahead)

Meanwhile, back in the way-too-earnest world of public radio, NPR public editor Elizabeth Jensen has compiled the reaction of listeners who actually have enough time in their lives to complain about the new direction. She’s received over 400 emails so far with the vast majority negative, she writes.

A couple listeners suggested that the more energized version reflects badly on NPR’s credibility. (“I believe the new theme sensationalizes the news that is delivered and goes against the values that NPR represents when bringing the nation the news in an unbiased, non-sensationalized, and straightforward form.”)

Oh, people!