It’s Friday and the Twins turned a triple play

What’s more rare these days than the Twins staying within 10 runs of their opponents? A triple play. Even better: An around-the-horn triple play.

It happened in the fourth inning last night in Los Angeles while most of us were getting our beauty sleep.

Miguel Sano predicted the triple play in pre-game drills, according to

“I kept thinking about it and saying it,” Sano said through translator Carlos Font. “I came in early today and practiced fielding ground balls down the line and touching the bag and throwing it to second. Once the situation came, I kept saying, ‘Mejia, give me the right pitch.’ And he did it.”

The Twins were down 2-to-1 in the ninth inning, but scored three runs when the Angels committed an error and walked Joe Mauer with the bases loaded.