NPR and employees reach new deal, ending possibility of a strike

Not surprisingly, NPR employees and managment reached an agreement on a new contract early Sunday, ending any possibility of a strike.

The union — SAG/AFTRA — says it repelled efforts by NPR to institute a two-tiered pay structure for people doing the same job, and the tentative contract provides for wage increases.

Beyond that, the terms of the deal were not disclosed, including what the company got out of the deal, the Los Angeles Times says.

Last week, many of NPR’s most well-known names pulled the curtain on life at the public radio institution, revealing poor morale among newspeople.

With the new deal, however, silence about what’s in it is the order of the day.

Poynter reported that the NPR journalists were concerned about a proposed “regional hub” editorial system, designed to increase the visibility of the work of NPR affiliates, most of which are non-union.

SAG-AFTRA also represents Minnesota Public Radio News reporters, producers, hosts and writers.