Cub Scout gets tossed for daring to ask pol a tough question

As someone who was also kicked out of Cub Scouts (apparently I didn’t take the threat of my peers in the Soviet Union seriously), I feel you, Ames Mayfield.

The 11-year-old was tossed from the den after its trip to see Colorado GOP state Sen. Vicki Marble, where young Ames asked, “Why on earth would you want somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun?”

Five days later, Ames’ mother was invited to a meeting with the leader of the Cub Scout pack, the New York Times says.

“He let me know in so many words that the den leader was upset about the topic of gun control,” Ms. Mayfield said in an interview on Saturday. “It was too politically charged.”

“He communicated that my son was no longer welcome back to the den,” she said.

Ames’ has moved to another pack.

In an editorial, the Denver Post opines that this speaking-truth-to-power thing is an admirable quality.

One thing at least is clear. For such a young person, Ames’ desire to probe for answers to controversial issues is admirable. His research into questions about gun control, race and immigration reform is laudable as well.

We think he’s got a bright future, and hope he learns from this more than he suffers. Those willing to stand up and ask tough questions in these divisive times face incredible pushback, but the questions are worth asking nonetheless.

We stand with Ames Mayfield on this one, and hope he’s able to find a new home with the Scouts.