Strange thing: Where’d Dustin get the Minnesota hoodie?

Of all the stranger things in the world, few mysteries are as hot right now as how a 1980’s Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt ended up with Dustin on “Stranger Things 2,” a series set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Ind.

People noticed the hoodie on the Netflix series that dropped on Friday, and they want one.

The museum apparently had no knowledge ahead of time that the sweatshirt would be featured in the series first episode of the new season, but it caught up quickly and today started taking sign-ups.

“We’re delighted by the attention,” spokesperson Kim Ramsden tells the Star Tribune. “For those of us here in Minnesota, how cool is it to see that Minnesota connection in this national and international show?”

About as cool as last year when Dustin wore a T-shirt from Waupaca, Wis., which earned big bucks for the internet knock-off T-shirt retailers.