Wis. man stands in for son at child support hearing

Karl Dorfner, of West Allis, Wis., was trying to be a good father when he showed up at his son’s child support hearing. That’s something more than his son, also named Karl, has going for him, apparently.

The elder Dorfner didn’t want his son to lose his new job so he offered to attend the court hearing in his place, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jim Stingl writes today.

The judge threw Dorfner out once he realized he wasn’t the Karl Dorfner who was behind on his payments.

“I see no reason why I could not have been afforded the opportunity to at least explain my presence. And if that was unacceptable, I should have been given a chance to reschedule his appearance at a time that would be suitable with his employer,” Dorfner tells Stingl.

A county clerk said if someone shows up for court to represent someone else, he’s practicing law without a license.

Dorfner the younger, not having missed a day of work, should be able to send some money to his ex.