Church visitors dragged out after objecting to female pastor

Perhaps in years past a couple of guys who didn’t think women belonged in the pulpit of a church would be a minor nuisance, but one can hardly blame the parishioners of a Dickinson, N.D., church for quickly throwing them out.

“How would you know the guy wouldn’t all of a sudden pull out a gun or something?” church goer Leyman Tedford tells Dickinson Press. “It’s alarming, he was crazy-looking, he didn’t look right to me.”

He was in Dickinson’s River Church when the two men — Jordan Hall of Sidney, Mont. and Kyle Small of Watford City, N.D. — jumped up and started shouting because LaShawn Bedsole, a female pastor at the church, was allowed to speak during an event last evening.

“The individual was shouting scripture in regards to female pastors and the lack of scripture being preached,” member Wade Borts tells the newspaper. “We addressed him to leave and he refused so several members decided to help him out.”

One of the two men told Forum it was no big deal.

“I would be disappointed if the average sentient human being couldn’t tell the difference between someone speaking loudly and someone shooting at them,” Hall said. “I understand that people are very easily frightened.”

Or repulsed.