In will, Afton woman remembers deputies who showed her kindness

Washington County deputies never expected anything back from the attention they paid to Margo Alice Forrest, who never married, never had kids, lived alone and kept to herself, the Pioneer Press’ Mary Divine writes today.

Deputies Angela Garvey and Jim Wick kept an eye on her, comforted her when she was in an accident, fed her cat when she needed them to, even finished cooking her dinner when her back gave out one evening.

“We would go over once a week, once every two weeks, and just stop by and see how she was doing. We’d make sure her smoke detector was working, make sure she didn’t need cat food or something if it had been super snowy or just hang out,” Garvey tells Divine.

When she died, she left $101,191 dollars to the department, to be used for the benefit of deputies who patrol Afton.

“We never ever expected anything back for doing our job,” Garvey said.

The County Board will use it to build a substation for them, Divine says.