Never-too-old candidate elected mayor

Vito Perillo probably isn’t getting much attention in the listing of important election results around the country, but his lesson is a good one nonetheless.

You’re never too old to work for a better future.

Vito is 93. He was running for mayor in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, sick of corruption in the city’s police department.

He represented a fresh, new face in local politics.

Transparency + Accountability + Listening to and Empowering Residents= Winning strategy for Tinton FallsPlease Vote Vito on November 7th.

Posted by Vito Perillo on Saturday, October 28, 2017

Perillo scored an upset, knocking off the incumbent by 303 votes.

When his term ends, Vito will be 97.

It is believed he is now the second-oldest mayor in the United States. Mayor Charles Long of Booneville, KY (pop. 76) is 98. He’s been mayor for more than 50 years and has never had an opponent.