The good guy with the gun

We recognize that it’s absolutely not possible to separate the debate over guns in America with the actions of people who get involved to save lives, so Johnnie Langendorff and another unidentified man aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea.

But they deserve credit anyway.

They chased Patrick Kelley from the church after he became America’s latest mass murderer in Texas.

The chase ended when the mass murderer was run into a ditch, where he killed himself.

“He just hurt so many people and he just affected so many people’s lives. How could you not want to take him down?” Langendorff said. “It was a horrible tragedy, but I just hope the families of the victims can sleep a little better at night knowing that he’s been taken care of.”

Langendorff and his neighbor will be the poster boys for gun advocates, just as Kelley will be the focus of gun opponents.

That doesn’t make Langendorff any more or less the person you want as a neighbor.