Firefighters rescue a wedding

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

It’s hard to say exactly whether Julie Centeno and her fiance, Curtis Wilson, had a good night or a bad night Sunday night.

When fire broke out in their suburban Boston home, they had time to get out with just what they were wearing. Bad.

After the firefighters determined that everybody was out of the house, they asked if there was anything inside that needed to be saved.

“I’m like, ‘Yes! My dress is in there, my diamond ring’s in there,” Centeno tells a Boston TV station. “Those were the two things I was really concerned with because it’s hard to replace after finding the perfect diamond, the perfect dress.”

Both were retrieved. The wedding is still on. Good.

“We made a point to the guys going in, during the course of our job, to save her wedding dress and, more importantly, her diamond ring,” Woburn, Mass., Fire Chief Stephen Adgate said. “She’s all set to go.”

Mr. Wilson said even after it was pulled from the fire, he wasn’t able to look at the dress. Wouldn’t want any bad luck to strike.

( h/t: Paul Tosto)