In Mankato, a clean house comes with a side of strip joint

From the “Department of I Don’t Hardly,” we note the Mankato Free Press article today that indicates there’s a market in that community for people to come to your house and clean while naked.

Because of course there is.

For $60 and hour — $90 if topless — Laura Nusser and her cleaners will show up and do it to the dust.

“There’s people who want the cleaning more than the nakedness,” she says.

Good one.

But, seriously: what on earth?

And, she admits, there are some clients with reasons to want discretion. “There are some guys who have us clean during the day when their wife is gone.”

Nusser said they focus on safety in a few ways. Another clothed woman who also cleans comes with, and she lets someone else know where she will be and that they will get a call from her at a specific time to let them know she feels comfortable and safe. She will go alone to some repeat customers she feels comfortable with.

Damien, a customer from New Ulm who asked that his last name not be used, said he’s used the service three times.

“She’s very nice, a cool person. She does a very good cleaning job and she’s a beautiful woman and that’s what you’re looking for in this type of thing.”

“I meet a lot of cool people,” she says. “There’s a pilot and programmer in the Cities. There are farmers and a college guy who lives in his parents’ basement.”

You don’t say.

She says while business is so-so in Mankato, there’s a big demand in Wisconsin, although she says she doesn’t know why.

Who wants to be the one to tell her?