1,000 Words: The cartoon

There should be a different word to describe editorial cartoonists, which implies a lack of seriousness.

They’re plenty serious. With a few (well, more than a few) strokes of a pen, they can destroy whatever reserve you have left.

Like this:

“I wanted to take the standard ‘all these angels are in a better place’ meme and turn it around a little, to show these wonderful, beautiful, brave lives…who should still be here,” Pia Guerra tells BuzzFeed. “To both prompt the viewer to ask why they aren’t here while also paying tribute to Mr. Feis’s act of love.”

Mr. Feis, of course, is the football coach at the high school in Florida who protected kids by putting himself between them and the 19-year-old trying to kill them.

While working on that … cartoon … she said she looked up how many school shootings there have been in her country — Canada. Eleven since 1975.

“That’s my main source of anger over all this. A country of 35 million people just north of you guys figured out the issue of access to certain guns and how it correlates to these events,” she said. “Why haven’t you? No, gun control laws won’t absolutely stop these killings…but they will curb them by a significant amount, and create a better society in the process. Please, please consider trying it.”