A snow artist at Target Field

There’s little that adds more chill to the wind than images of baseball stadiums in winter.

But there’s hope. The equipment trucks for baseball teams are leaving the icy north for spring training, a far better barometer of spring’s arrival than a rodent.

As long as we’re going to have winter, though, we might as well make something of it. Check out this video with snow artist Simon Beck at Target Field.

The design promotes the Great Northern festival, which runs in the Twin Cities through Sunday.

Beck, 56, a Londoner, does this all over the world, although most of his work is in the Alps. Each “drawing” takes about 11 hours of walking. By day — most days, anyway — he’s a map maker.

“Part of the rationale of making snow drawing my winter exercise was because my feet were a bit buggered and I couldn’t do the running I would have done. It was a lower injury prone activity,” he told the Guardian.”