End of the road for Mounds View’s mermaid

Not having grown up here and not being even an infrequent visitor to Mounds View, I’ll take the Minnesota Historical Society’s word for it that this piece of kitsch is a special part of the great state’s “roadside attractions.”

She spent her life atop a complex including a restaurant, bowling alley and entertainment center on Highway 10.

Not anymore, though. She’s been retired at the age of 54.

The Mermaid Statue at the age of 54 had to retire due to being structurally unsafe. She had a very eventful fun life. …

Posted by Mermaid on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

There’s nothing, though, that can’t stir up people. A 60-foot mermaid’s demise? Easy pickings.

The reaction from mermaid fans is laughingly “internetty”.

Do you know how many establishments have a 60 foot mermaid on top of them? None- zero! And that’s all thanks to you. You have taken down the one singular thing that set you apart from all the other restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys in the world.

You have stripped yourself of something that made you unique and iconic. Now you’re just a bar and bowling alley. Now your building is an absolute bore. Without the kitschy siren song of the mermaid atop your building- I personally don’t see any reason to step foot in your establishment ever again.

You’ve taken away a piece of our childhood memories and a part of our town’s identity. You’ve made our town worse not better. Bring back the Mermaid and I’ll bring back my money. It’s as simple as that. Taking her away is a deal breaker.

Take heart, history fans. We still have the Rothsay, Minn., chicken.

(h/t: Bob Ingrassia)