To see the passion of Americans, mess up an emoji

What’s wrong with this emoji?

There are a few things that can stir the passions of America into quick action, and emojis — for reasons I don’t begin to understand — is one of them.

Lobster legs provide an example.

A lobster has 10.

So the emoji has been redrawn. What kind of fool would use an 8-legged lobster emoji? Happy now, America?

When you’d use a lobster emoji — and because I’m aged, when you’d use any emoji — is also a mystery, but it’s at least keeping members of Congress happy.

Unicode is also reconfiguring a new skateboard emoji after an outcry from Big Skateboard. And it’s also replacing a left-hand double helix.

No, really, this upset people in the DNA community.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)