Keillor finds his fans still love him

The people of Prescott, Ariz., are not particularly offended by workplace harassment, at least if the allegations are against Garrison Keillor, who finally is back on stage after a couple of months to attend to the fallout from Minnesota Public Radio’s decision to terminate its business relationship with the retired humorist.

“So there you are, you make the best of it, and you go to Prescott, Arizona, where God bless them they welcome you,” Keillor said to a friendly audience, according to an Arizona journalist who pulled the assignment for the Star Tribune.

The reception was not surprising as has been mentioned here in the past. People will excuse anything if they like you; not so much if they don’t. They like Keillor. What’s the big deal?

“Should this come up in your own life, and maybe it will — it can happen to anybody, believe me — the beauty of being disgraced is that you realize that this person you’ve been married to for 25 years is the most wonderful person in the world,” Keillor told the audience.

OK, we’ll bite since he brought it up. In matters of romance, that’s the sort of thing you realize before you write love notes and sexually suggestive emails to women to whom you are not married and over whom you have a position of power.

“To have your beginning and end, within 12 miles of each other, and to know all of the people around you, is such a comfort, such an odd comfort. I know you think this is odd, but I’m telling you the truth, why else would I come? Once you’ve been disgraced you may as well be honest about these things.”

Be that as it may, Keillor’s reception at Yavapai College Performing Arts Center signifies that neither his career nor his marriage are ruined by his actions, nor are those who don’t want to be in business with him anymore. His fans are just anxious to swoon as they were before. Life goes on.

Romance is not dead.

“If he did it 40 years ago I don’t care,” a woman told the journalist. “We’re not that easily offended.”

At least by their guy.