When Bodhi choked, cops and firefighters didn’t

To counterbalance the post earlier of a dead dog and the guy who shot it, we give you the men and women of the North Reading (Mass., of course) police and fire departments, who took charge when a woman brought her choking Saint Bernard puppy into the station.

It happened on Sunday when Megan Vitale and her friend brought the dog in. It wasn’t breathing.

The officers — Jorge Hernandez, Peter DiPetro, and Joseph Aleo — and the firefighters worked for 10 minutes until the food was dislodged.

The puppy, named Bodhi, went to the vet later but is otherwise OK now.

“Many of our firefighters have pets at home in their own families. We do not get to choose the emergency situation that comes our way, so it is important that first responders be prepared for anything,” said North Reading Fire Chief Don Stats in the statement.