After the boys get theirs, a girl gets a puck

This video is racing around the internet today and few people seem to see the metaphor.

Washington Capitals right wing Brett Connolly couldn’t possibly have been more clear who he wanted to have the puck he was tossing over the glass: the little girl. Good for him.

But an adult got it and gave it to the boy.

So Connolly got another puck and tossed it over for her. Again, the adult grabbed the puck and gave it to another boy.

Connolly banged the glass in frustration and got another puck. With the males of the species taken care of, the little girl got her puck.

An announcer covered for the adult, contending that he knew the little girl would get her puck and by preventing her from getting it before the boys, all three kids got pucks.

No he didn’t.

Confession time: I’m ushering at Twins games this year and before the gates open, I sit in the lower left field stands during batting practice to try to grab a ball or two to give to kids during the game.

I’d given three balls away already on Tuesday (only one of which I’d caught during the game) and as I stood at the dugout after the game, a father and his two kids — a girl and a boy — hoped a player would throw them the ball as they exited the field. They didn’t get any, however, so I told one of the kids to put their glove on. Then I tossed the ball. To him.

Why did I do that?

I’m going to work on that this season.