Going to the game? Keep your shirt on

There’s always at least one guy at baseball games who assumes other people want to look at this sort of thing:

Nobody wants to look at this, sir. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is.


The man in Detroit this week told a TV station he has no idea why an usher once told him to keep his shirt on.

It was 10 years ago when Washington Post writer David Segal referred to this as “the fleshy, lardy B-roll of summertime America.”

The Skins cover up all winter long and then consider it nothing short of an inalienable American right to ditch the polo when they think it makes sense. They’re not lawless creatures; all but the most fringe of their ilk will wear a shirt into a store or on the subway. But in a small way, they’re getting in touch with the part of every guy that thought “Lord of the Flies” was kind of cool, until, you know, everyone on that island started stabbing one another. The Skins recognize boundaries, but they can’t fathom why the off-limits mark should include a place as public and rowdy as a stadium.

They don’t understand the fuss. Frankly, they’re amazed that anyone is writing a story on this topic.

Because it’s hideous.

(h/t: Jonathan Blakley)