Old picture of a sheep gets the internet bahhing

This dude won a little corner of the internet Monday. We can thank the Museum of English Rural Life for that.

Among its joys, the museum likes to post pictures of animals from its collection. By late Monday afternoon, the ram picture had 19,000 likes and 6,400 retweets — not exactly Beyonce territory, but, hey, it’s a sheep picture.

Anyway, it triggered a stampede of sheep puns. The museum was more than happy to keep stirring the mutton during the day.

Twitter rewarded the museum with a collective hug, maybe a thank you for having a little fun in a social media season where fun is really hard to find. The museum now has some 12,000 Twitter followers.

For comparison’s sake, the Minnesota History Museum, which has a logo weirdly similar to the Museum of English Rural Life, has fewer than 1,400 followers.

What is it about that picture that’s so intriguing? Is it a wistful longing for a bygone era, or perhaps a wistful longing for lamb chops? Who knows. But we’re looking forward to the next picture.