The story behind the little girl who wanted a puck

Here’s an update to Monday’s post suggesting the “cute” story of the little girl getting a puck at the Washington Capitals game revealed the reality of being a girl in the world of sports.

The CBC has tracked down Keelan Moxley to find out how she felt when boys ended up with pucks that were intended for her.

“I felt good for the two boys,” she said. “But I was kind of sad that I didn’t get it.”

Men online circled the wagons, insisting that the guy catching the puck was her father, making sure all of his kids got pucks.

That was untrue.

Keelan, 6, didn’t know the adults catching the pucks intended for her and didn’t know the boys who got them.

“I was standing near her and I saw it all happen, but I never thought the guy who was catching the pucks had any ill intentions,” Lauren, her mother, told ESPN’s Darren Rovell, who was one of the first to tweet the video and later realized why everyone didn’t think it was all that cute. “She’s an only child. We didn’t know the other people around us. I couldn’t believe it when I saw on Facebook and Twitter what it had become.”

Rovell, ESPN’S senior writer, says he’s never had a reaction to one of his tweets like the one his has gotten.

If you don’t know why that is, just ask any woman.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)